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Young People with Disabilities in Education

N.a (2012) Youth Disability in Australia. Australian ClearingHouse for Youth Studies, 1 (1), 3-14. This article looks into the issues affecting young people with disabilities in Australia. Anybody aged between 12 and 25 is considered young in Australia. Young people with disabilities are denied an opportunity to achieve their potential in education. The article focuses on raising awareness on the significance of this issue. More than 150,000 young people in Australia are faced with disabilities and enrolled in schools. More than half of these students undergo hardships and only 3.4 percent of them achieve higher education. Most public schools do not have the required resources due to under-funding to cater for the needs of children with disabilities. Another barrier is the large number of untrained staff members in learning institutions to handle young people with disabilities. After completing their education, young people are not able to get employment due to discrimination. In light of these inconsistencies, the Australian government is taking measures to improve the educational achievements of young people with disabilities. This source is predominantly useful as it provides sufficient information on the subject matter. Additionally, the article is helpful when carrying out research about disability in Australia as it provides facts. The article is reliable, as it possesses quality information and examples of the issue. The objective of the article is awareness creation through facts, research and appropriate examples.

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