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Win eNet 660 series


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Win eNet 660 series

Win eNet 660 series is a telephone product from the WIN Communications Corporation. The WIN eNet 660 series is a telephone recommended for small businesses since it offers an all-in-one solution that provides voice capabilities, voicemail and direct internet access. This communication device provides essential features that are expected by potential users. The Win eNet 660 series has been developed to meet Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standards for its voice over IP (VOIP) system. The system offers vital features that are expected in all vital hybrid and adaptable systems such as voicemail, auto attendant, multi-line appearances, an IP trunk access, DSS/BLF and many more features. The device also presents the user with data features that include a built in router that is firewall enabled. In addition, it has an 802.11 g/n Wi-Fi access point. The eNet 660 series has plug and play set up capabilities that enable the device to be operational in just a few minutes. The set up attributes include plug and play assignment of extension numbers, an automatic recognition of eNet 660S station and finally a system-programming wizard.


Hardware Specifications

The device has six FXO ports that can be linked to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This allows for phone extension within an office space. It also has on FXS port that can be attached to a fax machine. The device has two Ethernet ports, one that can be linked to a wide area network (1 10/100/1000) and the other to a local area network (1 10/100). The device also has one USB port that acts as a host for printer server. The port can be used as a port for external memory devices.


The device is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that is compliant with IETF RFC3261 standards. It is also Session Description Protocol (SDP) also compliant with IETF RFC2327 standards. It has Codec: G711A/U and G726 bandwidth specifications that allows for clear VOIP calls.

Call Features

The call features include auto attendant and voice mail, forwarding calls, holding calls, routing calls, call transferring class of service, CO Line Flash, COS following, conferencing, daylight saving time, distinguishing ringing , a dynamic DNS, emergency call capabilities. One can make calls on hands free mode, or headset mode. The phone alerts on messages waiting, offers music when caller is put on hold, it has an LED screen display. The phone can be connected to other phones within the office. It has a paging system, remote management through a pc. It has a station Message Detailed Recording (SMDR) capabilities. It has a restricted toll option, a web graphic user interface and finally, a wizard setup.


The systems specifications include a maximum of eight SIP Trunks and a maximum of twenty-four Internet Protocol extensions. It has one fax extension or SLT. The device can recognize other win phones in range.

Data Networking

For data networking, the device has a static IP, a Dynamic IP and a Point-to-point over Ethernet (PPPoE). It has a DHCP that enables the device to communicate over an IP network. A Network Address Translation (NAT) allows the user to recognize incoming callers or other information. The device has firewall security. Win eNet 660S can be remotely managed in terms of carrying out diagnostics to verify efficiency.

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