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What Our Education System Needs Is More Fs


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What Our Education System Needs Is More Fs

In the article, Carl Singleton discussed at length about the validity of the education system and focused mainly on the grading system and its effect in enriching the kind of education that students got. He argued that awarding students low marks such as Fs when they deserved it held the key towards improving the quality of the education system. Using the American education system, Singleton argued that students in America showed elements of illiteracy because of the lax grading systems that ensured almost no student would fail the examinations. Having a stricter education system that stressed the importance of issuing fair grading levels on all students had various positive consequences as was illustrated by Singleton.

Despite the published benefits, giving stricter grades such as Fs to students is a very flawed policy decision. Students might devise ingenious methods and mechanisms of ensuring that they attain high grades such as stealing answers to exams and coping from other colleagues. A far much worse effect of introducing such a regulation would be the embracing of rote learning. Students would struggle to cram all the information in books and other material without the slightest intention of understanding or learning anything new. Instead, their driving force would be to grasp enough information to pass the examinations. No cognitive ability or skills would have been improved if students study in this manner. Such a system would produce individuals with a wealth of information on different aspects but lacking the ability to interpret and come up with logical conclusions on their own. The purpose of studying would be reduced to amassing enough relevant information to enable a student pass his or her exams rather than for purposes of learning. Strategies should be introduced that encourage students to learn through discovery. Using this method, students will eventually get good grades in class. Moreover, they can also apply what they learnt in class to the real life situations in the outside world.

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