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West Gate Bridge Project Case Study

An Analysis of the Project’s Structure and Management

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Team leader

`On 15th October 1970, the partially completed West Gate Bridge collapsed killing and injuring thirty five people. Surveys show that there were problems associated with the structure and management of the project. The stakeholders involved in the bridge construction had a responsibility of ensuring the success of the bridge construction. In addition, they owed a duty of care to the bridge users. They were to ensure safety in using the bridge. The team leader had a responsibility of ensuring proper management of the project engineers, managers and the overall workforce involved in the construction of the bridge. The team leader had a responsibility of ensuring the new steel components were correctly installed in the bridge construction. This ensures the bridge remains strong and, therefore, has minimal chances of collapsing.


There should be serious work relationships between the different stakeholders involved in the construction of the bridge. Therefore, the contractors and the engineers should have a strong relationship. Any disagreements should be solved and their responsibilities clearly stated. This enables the success of the project. The on-site engineer should possess vast experience. He should maintain a close relationship with the workers and have extensive knowledge on the technical and the contractual problems. The working conditions of the construction works should be judged before involvement. The stakeholders should be familiar with such working conditions. Therefore, had the stakeholders and the project manager considered all this, the project would have been successful. In the future, it is advisable to consider these requirements in the construction of any complex structure (Writer, 2011).

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