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Volunteer Recruiting Plan


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Volunteer Recruiting Plan

The foremost criterion for creating a volunteer recruiting plan for Guardian Angels Inc. is the setting up of the recruitment goals. A goal is an open-ended statement that captures the short-term accomplishments the organization wants to achieve. Wiebs (2008) asserts that goals, together with objectives go together with developing strategies.

Recruitment Goals

The main goal of the organization is to provide efficient and widespread guidance and counseling services to the members of the community. To do this, it requires an increase in the employee workforce in order to facilitate for the organization’s goal. The organization will need to increase more volunteers to its current workforce before the conclusion of the year. The flexible organizational structure for Guardian Angels Inc. will allow for smooth employing of volunteers. The organization also seeks to increase customer service by the end of the year. Increasing customer service in the community will be possible if more workers are added to the current workforce. Moreover, the organization has limited funds and hence needs the assistance of volunteers to work in other beneficial areas. The organization also seeks to increase diversity in the organization by employing volunteers irrespective of the religious, cultural or ethnic background. According to Tennyson (2007), diversity broadens the ideas and views of the organization in the recruitment, guidance and counseling of clients. The organization, as a separate goal, will also employ children volunteers for the purpose of guidance and counseling. Employing children in the organization, as volunteers will enhance the recruitment of other children as clients since most children require guidance and counseling in the community. Additionally, the experience will be a good practical for children volunteers and will enable them to grow and develop into responsible community members (Pandev, 2004)

According to Allison and Kaye (2005), an organization requires efficient business strategies that fall in line with the organization’s objectives. The recruitment plan requires strategies that will draw the attention of potential volunteers to the organization. As a not for profit organization characterized by limited funds, Guardian Angels Inc. will need to adopt less costly recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Strategies

The organization will utilize the Internet through advertising on social interacting websites to create banner advertisements on mostly viewed websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google. This will enable the organization to reach numerous people due to the popular use of social interaction websites among the young generation. The organization will also develop brochures or hardcopy advertising materials that can be passed around in the community in order to attract prospective volunteers. In order to make it simple for potential volunteers to get in touch with the organization, every brochure passed around in the community will have a volunteer application attached. The organization will also follow up on the applications mailed together with the brochures through phone calls. This will be carried out by the Human Resource Department, which will be in charge of recruiting volunteers. The Human Resource Department, through the Volunteer Liaison office will develop a phone script that will be used for screening and recruiting potential and interested volunteers. The organization will also create a video showing current volunteers working hand in hand with the organization’s clients. The video, which will include a history of the organization, its mission, values, employee and volunteer information, will be distributed across the internet through mediums such as You Tube, which have large numbers of followers.

Finally, the plan requires a template that will be used for evaluation of the strategies and hence determine the appropriate strategies recruitment strategies that will be used in the exercise. According to Renz and Associates (2010), an organization’s strategy determines its performance in its respective internal and external environment. Therefore, Guardian Angels Inc. will need to include an appraisal template that will be used to assess the strategies in place after utilizing them in order to determine the effective strategies and the ineffective ones and assist in the development of new and effective strategies.


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