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Universal personality traits are usually not applicable to isolated people who could be termed as indigenous. Personalities, which are classified as universal across all cultures around the world, are not universal based on studies conducted on an isolated community in Bolivia. In small-scale communities, the choices for sexual and social partners are limited resulting in lower opportunities for cultural success (American Psychological Association, 12).

The crisis in Syria is termed as stemming from a Mesopotamian descent. The research indicates that the current trends in Syria are similar to those experienced in ancient Bronze-Age Mesopotamia, currently modern Syria. The current urban decline and government collapse is similar to the collapse of the government structure and deteriorating social situation (University of Sheffield, 21).

University of Alberta provided research findings, which indicate the need to rethink when African ancestors left the continent. This is based on the findings of new evidence that shift from earlier beliefs of how the ancestors left the continent. The evidence is derived from fossils in Tanzania (University of Alberta, 11).

Research conducted recently indicates that life developed on land and sea. The research is based on findings from Australian multicultural fossils collected by geologists, which dates back to 542-635 million years ago (University of Oregon, 14). Dickinsonia fossils were collected in South Australia, and were possibly developed by lichen or other possible microbial consortia, in contrast to popular belief that they were developed from marine invertebrates.

New research provides evidence that prehistoric human activities in northern Europe initially made cheese, approximately 7000 years ago. This is based on analysis of fatty acids found in unglazed pottery excavated from archeological sites in Poland. Earlier findings had been derived from Northwestern Anatolia that only found milk and not cheese (University of Bristol, 9).

Research provided shocking information that early societies survived on tropical plants. Evidence provided indicates that 3 to 3.5 million years ago, early ancestors located in central parts of Africa survived on tropical plants and sedges. This is in contrast to earlier beliefs that they survived on nuts and seeds (University of Oxford, 17).

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