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United States Department of labor

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United States Department of labor

The US labor department of labor has taken critical measures to ensure efficiency in the delivery of its services. In order to reach all its customers, it set up a full website that ensured efficiency and timely delivery of services to the people. The labor department as result maintains all important database that can be accessed and viewed at their website. It has a mechanism of answering questions through emails and frequently asked questions. It also has a means of filing in forms that are automatically updated to the database.

1. Features of the Website That Can Be Used To Monitor Employee Benefits


The website is arranged in away that it is easy to comprehend and search for any information. With indexing, the letters are arranged from A-Z for easy identification of search points.


The website is attractive and fascinating to view. The colors are well integrated and blended. This ushers in the right mood for business and attracts customers easily


The pages load with ease to ensure that time is saved. It contains forms that can be used to get information from the people. The layout used in the page is consistent. This familiarizes the customer with what to expect

Functionality of the components in the web page

The hyperlinks, contact forms, site search engines and registration tabs are all functional. The words used in the site are all relevant and correctly formatted with no grammar mistakes.


The website ensures that nothing that is of relevance is left out for the clients to guess for themselves. It has all information required for labor use. For example, wages, pension schemes, health plans.

Use of graphics

Graphics are well used to create a visual appeal to customers to keep searching for the related articles. Their number is kept minimal


The US website has organized the contents topic by topic in such away that if you look for one thing you can end up getting another relevant ad, which you did not have, in mind.


The website is made to ensure that different browser can be used to display the information required.

The use of search engines

This has been fully used in every section of the web page through inclusion of HTML navigational links to different sections and pages. This saves on customer’s time.

2. How Employers Check That Employees’ Benefits Correspond To Federal Laws

The website has a functional link of advanced search. The employer can, therefore, search for specific federal laws relating to employee benefits.

It has a search index that highlights all the relevant federal laws on employee benefits. For example, the affordable care act, contract work hours and safety standards act. These are beneficial sources of reference to the employer. On clicking on the links there are plenty of beneficial information for the employer. It has a variety of articles on acts that govern employee’s rights to benefits such as basic pay, non-discretionary bonus, overtime rates and allowances. Others include access to pension schemes, hours of work, sick pay and severance and redundancy pay.

3. How Employees Ensure That Their Rights Are Protected Using This Information

Protection of employee rights is an important tool in any organization. This website ensures that employees are informed on their rights. They are provided with an employment law guide, which contains, employment rights including right to collective bargaining power.

These rights include;

i. Freedom to join trade unions that help fight for their rights. Here, they have a chance to negotiate for better pay since the government sets a minimum wage. ii. Right to good working environment. This is highlighted in the work environment act also posted to the website. Employees can negotiate for proper working condition, for example, wearing of safety clothes. This is their right iii. No employee is supposed to be discriminated against. They are free to report any form of prejudice to the relevant authorities. Employees understand that they are protected iv. The right to occupational and pension schemes. This includes benefits such as those for only married couples. They must, therefore, be of the opposite sex to enjoy such benefits. v. Employees ensure their rights are protected through The Employee Retirement Income Security act (ERISA). This is a federal law that sets the minimum standards in retirement, health and welfare benefits. It contains all employee records of all employees to ensure they are not defined by employers’. This helps ensure that employers do not violate key employee rights (Fay 2013).

4. Outline of the Website to Orient Others to Its Usefulness Regulatory Framework

In relation to compliance to the regulatory framework, major sections have been outlined to cover for this. These include;

Work Safety And Health

This section is about occupational and health safety. It has regulatory bodies like occupational safety and health administration (OSHA). It ensures that employers comply with the regulations of health and safety standards. Including provision of a workplace that is hazard-free.

Wages And Working Hours

It is a section that has fair labor standards act. Employers are supposed to pay workers covered but not exempted at least a lawful minimum wage and an overtime of one and half times the normal rate. It also highlights the basis of pay for those in agricultural operations.

Workers Compensation

It contains various acts like; Energy employee’s occupational illness. It provides lump sum compensation and medical benefits to employees in the energy department. Especially those dealing with dangerous radiation energy like Beryllium and silica. They are given an amount totaling to $50000 as compensation.

Federal Employees Act

It is a comprehensive and exclusive program for those with disability died or had personal injuries as a result of working. It has also compensation benefits for wage loss.

Black Lung Benefits Act

Provides compensation to coal miners who were affected by pneumoconiosis as a result of employment in the mines

Alongshore Harbor Compensation

It is a compensation programmed for employees in the marine and to dependent survivors who sustained injured or were disabled in the course of their duty.

Employee Benefit Scheme

It contains an act, employee retirement income security act (ERISA). The act ensures that employer disclose and report requirements on fiduciaries in accordance to laws. It also emphasizes on the need for insurance schemes to protect them from adverse conditions.

Under this also exists the budgeting reconciliation act (COBRA) and the health insurance portability act. They administer reporting requirements for health care provisions and health care compatibility on group plans respectively (Gibney, 2014).

Unions And Its Members

This section contains the labor-management reporting and disclosure act. It ensures that good relations exist between members and the union. It promotes democracy in handling of its affairs and ensures that good labor practices are enhanced in each industry. It also makes rules on election of union officers.

Family And Medical Leave Act

This section has the family and medical leave act that ensures that employers with many employees provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to eligible for maternity or sick leave (Morril, 2013).

Uniformed services employment and reemployment rights act

It ensures that those who served the army have the right for reemployment with the previous employer when they entered the army. They can either be reinstated or paid back dated wages.

Plant closing layoffs

This section has a worker adjustment and retraining notification act. It is a notice of impending layoffs from work. This can only be enforced through an enforced action accepted to be in action through the law courts.


This section provides for means through which the department of labor communicates with employees at the workplace. The department provides electronic forms of such messages, which are then printed.


This section provides details of all information contained in the fact sheets. They provide for relevant contacts in case of problems encountered in the course of day-to-day operations

Government contracts, Grants and financial aid-

It is a section that provides how the government settles its wages, safety and health standards and benefits. It is, therefore, crucial for any government to come up with measures such as creation of detailed websites. These in turn, enhance efficiency in operations and communication process. Government laws on labor are of utmost importance to every employer and employee as it aids in keeping the normal relations at work place.


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