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Understanding the Change Process


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Understanding the Change Process

In the first set about innovating less, several ideas capture my attention. The idea about taking innovation after innovation interests me most. Leaders like factoring in too many ideas at the same time. Each new idea must be implemented separately from the other. This does not happen within my workplace, instead, leaders try to lump many ideas together such that enforcing all of them at the same time becomes a problem. In instances that many ideas have been lumped together, none of them fared as was expected. It is difficult to roll out too many changes at the same time in an organization. The other set of ideas says that having the best ideas is not important but rather depending upon the help of other players to come up with good ideas. The idea that strikes me in this set concerns the notion that change involves consolidating support and pressure. The team leaders have perfected the art of setting ambitious goals and calling upon each of us to show commitment to these goals. This has had a considerable impact on the achievement of goals. It has also made it easier to effect new ideas into the organization. The idea involves getting the entire team to work towards the goal and to pledge their commitment to accomplish it. During the implementation stage of change, the organization experiences many challenges. Leaders should not be discouraged when they encounter these challenges. In this set, the idea that leaders should not have very high expectations during the early stages of change implementation interests me most. Many leaders fail to acknowledge that new ideas require significant amounts of time to start. They place too much expectation on the achievement of their goals and get discouraged when they meet many challenges during the implementation stage. In my organization, leaders know that a project’s implementation usually sets off at a snail’s pace and is always marred with challenges as it picks up. This knowledge has enabled us to understand that there are inconsistencies that accompany this stage. This minimizes the effect it has on team morale.

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