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Improving Customer Service in CanGo

CanGo’s faces a problem with it service delivery system. Customers have to go through a long process when trying to make orders and while making enquiries. The processes are hectic and the customer ends up dissatisfied with the service he/she receives. To regain customer trust and reduce these bureaucracies CanGo must make major changes to its customer service system and introduce new efficient ways of addressing customer problems. There is a need to reduce the amount of time taken by customers when making orders or making enquiries. There is also a need to address the inefficiencies in the warehouse. These inefficiencies lead to defects in the service given to customers. CanGo should address the inefficiencies in its customer care unit, their warehouse units to ensure customers receive the best service. Addressing these issues will also help them eliminate inefficiencies.

CanGo should apply the methods of business to address these inefficiencies. Firstly, there must be mission and vision statements. The mission statement assists business to set out strategic objectives and goals which they intend to achieve (Cardani). The vision statement on the other hand specifies ways that a company can use to achieve future goals. CanGo’s strategic objective is to ensure that customers receive quality service and inefficiencies in the warehouse department are eliminated. In line with this, its future objective concerns the long-term rewards of the strategic objectives. These two statements will assist the company establish goals that will guide it towards attaining efficiency in the warehouses and providing quality customer service. Another business tool that can be applied by CanGo to assist in problem solving is business planning and strategic planning. The business plan is an outline of the methods CanGo will apply in order to achieve its goals. Strategic planning will help the company and the employs to remain committed to the goals since gives them a clear understanding of the organizations objectives.

To be able to configure the warehouse and store advance inventory, CanGo needs to understand the behavior patterns of its customers. Understanding how customers behave assists a company to make strategic decisions related to the market and service delivery (Glowa 4). CanGo should analyze the patterns of consumption exhibited by its customers and use the information to organize its stores. For example, if CanGo finds out that it sells an average of 200 business books every month it should ensure that its stores have a similar number in store for that period. In addition to understanding customer behavior, the CanGo can also carry out performance appraisal of its staff. CanGo must establish a performance evaluation plan for its workers in the warehouse and customer service department. Performance appraisal assists the company to assess a worker’s performance and offer advice on the necessary changes that should be made (Landy et al 234). A SWOT analysis of the two departments will assist the organization with vital information for its strategic plan. Information from a SWOT analysis will assist CanGo to find out whether it is capable of achieving the goals it has set.

To eliminate the inefficiencies plaguing its factory CanGo has to establish and structure an elaborate mission and vision statement. This statement shall guide the company in understanding the values it stands for as far as quality service is concerned and enable the company and employees to work towards the stated objectives. The mission and vision statement is an important aspect of the company. The mission statement guides the strategic plans and decision making of the company (Cardani Paragraph 2). In the case of CanGo, the mission statement will enable it to lay guidelines on their short-term objectives. According to Cardani, “A mission statement is a stepping stone in the strategic planning process”. The present mission statement must therefore be restructured to cater for the strategic plans that will be established by CanGo in order to solve the current problems. A strategic plan should be put in place to guide the changes in operations and customer service. The strategic plan shall be supported by the mission statement.

To address the problem of inefficiencies, CanGo must develop a business plan that will help in refining the operations of its warehouse and customer service departments. This will help the company in achieving its strategic goals. The business plan will serve a great deal in ensuring the company achieves the strategic goal of providing quality service to its customers. The plan is a statement of how the company intends to achieve its goals (Waechter 2009). In this case, the goal should be to create a warehousing system that reduces downtime and errors hence increase efficiency. The goals that will be set should focus on improving the bestseller store to accommodate more books. These goals should also include the other stores. This will entail measures that will help avoid the frequent movement of orders from wholesaler to the warehouse and from publishers to the warehouse.

Primarily, CanGo has to act on the discrepancies in the warehouse functions. Many activities go on the warehouse. CanGo must reduce such activities and act on developing an automated system that will ease work and ensure that errors are avoided. The activities in the warehouse have to be automated. The problems of the warehouse are diverse and varied. One of the major problems that needs top be solved is the way the company acts on orders received from customers. The bestseller warehouse is one case of inefficiency. While CanGo ships approximately 2000 bestsellers in a year, the warehouse only holds around 400-500 books at a time. This is costly and time consuming since it provides CanGo with additional shipping problems. CanGo can increase efficiency in the bestseller warehouse by increasing the capacity of the store and ensuring that the number of books held at any given time is considerably higher so that they do not have to incur shipping costs every time they receive an order.

In view of all the above plans and strategies, there is need for an automated storage and retrieval system. An automated storage and retrieval system will assist the organization carry out error free warehouse operations (Qualihits 2011). This system will free the staff of the hassles of having to do everything manually. The system will ensure the books stored in the stores are retrieved and stored according to their barcode scanners and retrieved from specific commands. The automated storage and retrieval system will save space and ease the task of identifying the exact position of books. Warehouse staff will no longer have to walk to the shelves or store racks to retrieve books. The system will also ensure that the chosen book is retrieved. This will enable the company to avoid the circumstances that may arise after sending the wrong volume to the customer.

The book retrieval storage and retrieval system contains several important features that can help CanGo to increase efficiency. The system is controlled by computers. It contains options of retrieving books or other items from storage points. This system reduces the engagement of humans in the storage and retrieval system. Their use of vertical space enables them to have a large storage capacity. The automatic storage and retrieval system is designed to reduce the levels of inventory, increase retrieval and storage accuracy, save on space, improve functions and reduced the number of workers engaged at any particular time. These features serve to enhance the amount of service rendered to customers as well as streamline operations. The storage and retrieval system is made up of automation systems, a machine that is used to store and retrieve books and conveyor belts. The storage and retrieval system has the capability to move books in different directions while taking them to the appropriate storage stacks. Books can be retrieved and stored by the use of barcodes. These barcodes enable the system to sort the books and store them according to the barcodes (Qualihits 2011). The use of the automated storage and retrieval system will be of great advantage to CanGo since it will solve all the problems identified above.

Apart from correcting the warehouse storage and retrieval operations, CanGo should also find ways to reduce the processes that customers have to go through when making enquiries. The first way through which CanGo can achieve this is by sorting the phone attendants into categories. Since there are many book categories, the books section should be divided in terms of these categories. A customer who calls to enquire about business books for example should be given a phone number through which he/she can directly access an attendant. This will ensure that the number of times a customer is rerouted is reduced. Another consideration would be to ensure that CanGo’s contacts are available on its website. This will save customers the hassle of searching all over the web for contacts and help save time. Furthermore, customers who buy a particular book should be provided with contacts that tally with the book category. The above considerations will help CanGo save customers’ time. They will also ensure that customers are provided with excellent service.

These changes should be incorporated into the strategic and business plans of the company. The introduction of the automated storage and retrieval system will enable the company to avoid errors and reduce the amount of time taken in storage and retrieval of books. In addition, the changes in the contact centre will assist the company to deliver efficient customer service without delaying the customer. These changes will enable the company to achieve its strategic goals as stipulated in the mission statement and ensure maximization of profits.


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