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If you could give advice to the next generation, what would the advice be?


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Attitude is the behaviour that we have towards things that matter in life. It determines the mindset we choose to adopt. The attitude we choose to develop towards the education system, our families, neighbors and the whole society matters a lot. If we have a negative attitude towards the things that matter in life, the probability that we will take care of them is low. Our response to life affects how life will respond to us. Success and failure lies in the attitude we choose. In my opinion, the next generation needs a change of attitude in their lifestyle, environment and education system.


A change in attitude towards our lifestyle is needed. Currently, most people are unhappy with their lives. They wish they could live like movie stars or other celebrities. Celebrities have been used as a standard of measure of what life should be. People have struggled to become like celebrities, some have adopted lavish lifestyle that led to debts. Others have become ill with conditions like anorexia and bulimia. What we forget is that we are better off compared to people living on the streets, hungry and without clothing. If we just developed an attitude of contentment, then we would appreciate our lives. The attitude we adopt towards life establishes how far we get in life.

People need to change their attitude towards the environment. Most people are not concerned about how important the environment influence of lives. This generation has not thought about the flight of the next generation. Instead, we have adopted a selfish attitude. Natural resources have gone to waste in an effort to make the most of it. Forests have been destroyed and rivers have dried up. Industrial managers are least concerned with pollution problems. Industries release untreated wastes in water. This affects the living things that live in water. It further affects economic activities like fishing and agriculture. More people fall ill because industrial chemicals pollute the water they use. I would recommend the next generation to change their attitude towards the environment.

People need to change their attitude towards the education. Presently, most students feel like if they cannot do well in class then they are failures. The attitude they choose to adopt makes them indifferent to education. Students in public schools think that the other students in private schools are superior. Additionally, these students have no desire to complete high school and choose a good profession. As a result, the society faces problems as people strive to get jobs that do not match up to their qualifications. The attitude held is that the affluent are brighter and jobs are prominent depending on the amount earned. Our attitude towards the education system has categorized people in to rich and poor, this has created agonizing problems.


Attitude matters, success and failure in life depend on how we view our lives. If we develop an attitude of contentment, then we will value our lives. We will cease to use the elite and the famous as standards of measure. Family and friends will be treasures to value and honor. We will put more effort in our lives and change our attitude towards the environment. Natural resources will be well managed because we will think about the future of our children and grandchildren. If I were to advice the next generation, I would recommend that they change their attitude towards life. The attitude we adopt affects our lives. In my opinion, the next generation needs a change of attitude in their lifestyle, environment and education system.

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