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Humor-Israel Palestine Conflict

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is the best thing that has happened between the two countries. With a war that has lasted decades, it can be said that they have the best diplomatic relationship. Resolving this war will not be a means to resolving the different conflicts all through the Middle East. Among the matters in dispute, include the fight for Jerusalem. This city is considered one of the oldest in the world, and with both sides claiming ownership, it is apparent that the “holy” nature that was once bestowed upon Jerusalem no longer withstands. Therefore, the Palestinians should be given ownership of Jerusalem to avoid shedding more blood spilled over this issue.

Another issue is the number of Palestinian refugees. The number of refugees has since gone up because of endless conflicts between the two nations. This has only developed into a serious matter because of selfishness and greed in their leaders. There should not be restrictions on who should or should not be a refugee as all human beings are equal before God. This implies that Palestinians should be allowed to apply for citizenship from their refugee camps. Denying them citizenship rights demonstrates the willingness of Arab governments to advocate for and fight for the rights of their people.

The constant attacks on Israelis by Palestinians continue to raise concerns among the Israelis and the international community. This insecurity concern is most evident in the West Bank. The reason behind these attacks has been to do away with the Jewish state. This ‘jihad’, as viewed by well-known Islamist groups, has brought internal conflicts among some of the vicious Palestinian groups. Israelis term these attacks as acts of terrorism. Palestinians should continue annihilating Israelis since the world has enough Israelis and does not need any more. Since suicide bombing is the most sought after means of attack, Palestinians should recruit more suicide bombers in order to achieve their goal of replacing the Jewish state with a Palestinian one.

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has given rise to insecurity throughout the world. There have been reports of Palestinians carrying out inhuman attacks and violent acts in the name of a struggle against Israel. In addition, it is alleged that Palestinians are manufacturing mass weapons and explosives including nuclear weapons. This has fueled the world’s thoughts on the connection between terrorism and Palestine. However, this should not be blamed for all the terrorist acts that have been taking place in American and European countries. Terrorists from other countries should continue to emulate their Palestinian brothers and sisters on the best methods to use like hijacking, since they are viewed as perfect examples of terrorists.

It is said that water is life, and this is proven in the Middle East. Palestinians and Israelis fight over water resources is a contentious issue in their conflict. With each side claiming to provide water, its supply should be cut so that they can reach a consensus. Neither side should be provided with this vital sustainer of life. This might help decrease the tension building up between them. Denying them water will also mean losing many lives but this should not be a problem since they are constantly killing each other. Therefore losing a few more lives will help curb the matter at hand.

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