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Human Resource Management

In the past few years, the United States of America has undergone depressing and harsh economic times that have negatively affected every aspect of the lives of ordinary Americans. The negative effect on the citizens arising from economic meltdowns such as the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the subsequent Global Recession, which is also attributed to the 2008 Financial Crisis, has resulted into negative criticism from Americans towards the American government. Americans are not happy with the current trajectory that the government is taking. In order to address such negative perception arising from Americans regarding the government, it is important to invoke change in the government in order to address these feelings. Therefore, a suitable way for addressing these negative perceptions involves employing human resource management within the government.

One of the most efficient methods in human resource management that can be used in government is the selection method. Selection involves the process of choosing the appropriate candidates for the job description in question. The appropriateness of the candidates is important since it determines the performance of the organization. Qualified or fit candidates can determine the organization’s performance based on their knowledge regarding the job. Moreover, incorporating unqualified candidates in the organization’s workforce disorients the organization by drawing it away from its set goals and objectives. Moreover, selection also focuses on other aspects aside from the candidates’ qualifications. For instance, selection focuses on choosing candidates who can become positively assimilated into the corporate culture. Regarding the government, selection can be used through various processes in order to employ efficient candidates who will change the government’s current trajectory.

One of the processes of selection that can be utilized in the government is the development of an In-Basket. The In-Basket method is a technique used in organizations for the appointment and promotion of employees. The test allows employees to become acquainted with their jobs through the preservation of problems in the in-basket. The employee is required to view the problems, which can also be complaints from other employees and concurrently deal with the problems. The method can be used in the various sectors that encompass the government since it can be used for a variety of jobs, which can lead to a reduction in administration and development costs. Additionally, the In-Basket can be developed by generalizing it for an assortment of jobs as well as making it specific for a meticulous job. The In-Basket method assists employees to determine the problems in their vocations and facilitate workplace interactions (York, 148).

An assessment center is also another process that can be used within the government. An assessment center refers to the procedure used in selecting qualified candidates for employment purposes by incorporating various techniques and observers to evaluate candidates on the required traits and attributes. According to York (149), assessment centers are utilized as forecasters of job performance and analytical gauges of job skills, for management. The tool is an efficient method that can be used in the government since it assesses and examines a candidate’s performance by incorporating simulation of management jobs with realistic responsibilities and situations. The use of simulation determines the content and prognostic validity regarding the candidate. Hence, York (150) points out that the greater the simulation’s practicality, the higher the prognostic validity. Such a method employed in the government can prove to be a useful measure in the employment of efficient and qualified employees.

Other processes can be employed in the government such as performance appraisals, can be used to determine the performance of employees in specific government sectors. Regardless, the selection method is a vital process that is employed in organizations. Through processes such as the In-Basket and Assessment Centers, an institution such as the government can evaluate, analyze and make positive recommendations on employees who will have a better understanding of the environment and work towards meeting the objective of the government, which is efficient service to the people.

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