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Detective Jacob Bores made his way into the small time Laundromat expecting a gruesome scene, but nothing could have prepared him for the body that lay ahead. Hanging by a coat rack, the man??™s shoulder blades were cut open to allow passage for the metal prongs of the clothes hook. As Jacob talks to the police officer who has already secured the crime scene he learns the man??™s name is Harley Johnson, the only people around at the time of the crime were:
Mr Hong, the foreign owner of the store who was asleep in the back at the time of the murder. Polite yet timid the Jacob can see nothing that connects him with the murder. No motive, no evidence and he certainly don??™t seem like the psychotic type.
Next is Akmar Tahlib, a business manager who works downtown at the Coca Cola manufacturing plant. A regular at the Laundromat there??™s nothing connecting him to the crime. He discovered the body when he first wandered into the Laundromat.
Last but not least it Mason Johnson, the victim??™s only relative the duo are considered threatening with criminal records on both of them. Brothers in crime Jacob is one hundred percent sure this he??™s the one who disposed of his brother. Mason was across the street parking his bike at the time the body was discovered.
But simply identifying the culprit is never the name of the game, physical evidence or a confession is needed before Mason can be locked behind bars, and at 6 foot 2 and 220 pounds Mason doesn??™t seem like the openly emotional type.
First up is of course going to be blue lighting the entire room to scan for traces of blood the killer might have left behind, but this particular case seems harder, the excessive bleeding of the victim and the surprising intelligence of the biker??™s brother seems to have resulted in not one trace of Mason??™s DNA being left behind.
But Jacob is not the type to give up; only with a year worth of experience with the force Jacob is the iconic image of the young intellectual of the 21st century, eager to demonstrate his cunning to his peers and superiors.
Jacob took a little over an hour before finally coming across something of use, and the suspects have all been released. In one of the dryers Jacob discovered a pair of bike gloves suspended in the very back of the dryer, though Jacob was sure these belonged to Mason he was also certain Mason had thoroughly bleached and cleaned these so not a drop of DNA would be found, yet why leave the gloves behind
Of course! Because he had to have cleaned the gloves after the murder, and the fear of him being caught with the dead body had driven him out of the Laundromat before the gloves had finished drying, it was only coincidence Akmar had stumbled onto the scene minutes after Mason had left, now everything fit into place.
Mason followed his brother into the Laundromat, which for whatever reason he knew was deserted at the time. Killed him there with the weapon he would obviously have stashed away, stuck the body onto the hooks; however he could not impose what he could not allow.

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