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Company Description and Goals |

Company Description
[Company Name] is a small design company started in January of 2010. We design marketing materials and websites for businesses and information products sold online and in print.

Company Goals
[Company Name] goal is to continue to expand our customer base by continuing to expand our knowledge base and staying up-to-date on today??™s technology.

Company Description and Goals |

Company Description and Goals |
Project Summary |

Project Goal
The goal of this project is to give advanced training in Microsoft Office to [Company Name] employees. We will be doing the training at InfoNation??™s offices where we will provide both the hardware and software for this training.

Requested Training
InfoNation is requesting advanced training in:
* Microsoft Office Word
* Microsoft Office Excel
* Microsoft OneNote
* Microsoft Office PowerPoint
We would like your organization to provide recommended manuals for each of the [#] employees, the cost of which needs to included in your final proposed budget.

This training needs to be done Friday, November 18, 2011 through Monday, November 21, 2011 starting at 8:00am and ending at 5:00pm each day.

[Company Name] will not list a dollar amount for this project and will base their decision on a Value/Pricing Structure.

Qualification and Reference Requirements |

Qualification Requirements
Proposers should have documentation proving their knowledge in Microsoft Office. Certificates and/or diplomas are acceptable forms of documentation.

Reference Requirements
[Company Name] will require 5 contactable references of previous customers who have received similar training services. At least 2 of the references need to have experience with the trainer who will handle our training sessions.

Proposal Format |

Formatting Proposals
Proposals should be formatted by the following guidelines:
* Must be compatible with Microsoft Word.
* Font size should not be smaller than 10 point.
* Proposal should not exceed10 pages (not including qualification documentation).
* Include a title page with:
* The title: Proposal for Microsoft Office Training
* Your company name
* Your company address
* Contact??™s name
* Contact??™s phone number
* Contact??™s fax number
* Contact??™s e-mail address
* Qualification documentation should be included.

Proposals should be submitted to the attention of [name] and can be:
Mailed to:
E-mailed (as an attachment) to:
Faxed to:

Deadline for Proposals |

Proposals for this project will not be accepted after 12:00am/midnight EST, Friday, September 30, 2011.

Confidentiality Notice |

[Company Name] will regard any communication with your organization as confidential unless otherwise informed. We will assume all price quotes given are specific to InfoNation and will not advertise or discuss rates unless otherwise informed.

[Company Name] expects all communication with your organization to remain confidential unless otherwise informed.

Vendor Selection |

Selection Criteria
Vendors will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
* Proposal demonstrates the ability to meet training requirements outlined in the RFP.
* Qualifications meet the requirements outlined in the RFP.
* References support the ability of the vendor to meet training requirements outlined in the RFP.
* Pricing reflects the value of services to be rendered.

Notice of Decision
Vendors will be notified of our decision via e-mail or phone no later than 12:00pm/noon EST, Friday, October 14, 2011.

Contact Information |

Any questions and inquiries should be directed to the owner of InfoNation:
[Company Contact]

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