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Individual Assignment ??“ Option #2
The Kudler Fine Food Company will be having new registers installed in three of their stores. This is the main piece of information being communicated in the memo that was sent from Yvonne Reynolds to Brenda Wagner. Based on the criteria of organization, clarity, tone, and style this memo is not a very good example of what a memo should be.
The organization of this memo is done in a way that you can understand that they are going to be getting new registers. However, the clarity of the memo makes it difficult to understand. Yvonne informs Brenda that the vendor of the new registers will give some training materials and train the company??™s trainer. She then states, ???We need to determine the best way to train the cashiers in the three stores, the management team in each store and the computer support specialists.??? This makes is confusing to understand who is suppose to be doing the training in the store. It leaves questions as to why the vendor id training someone if it is then up to the stores to find a way to train the employees. The clarity also comes into question when Yvonne says to, ???have someone evaluate the various means we could use to deliver the training and make a recommendation of how we should proceed.??? This leaves Brenda to try to figure out where to look for someone and to figure out when exactly the training is suppose to happen.
The tone and style are on the casual style for a business memo. The whole thing is typed in one paragraph that is not as informative as it should be. The whole memo seems to be very casual and almost rushed. Yvonne should have taken her time to gather up some more information to more clearly state what is going to happen or what needs to happen. I would have informed Brenda of the dates that the new registers were coming, instead of saying in six weeks. I would have figured out the training schedule and when and where it is was going to be held for the three stores that needed it. While it may have taken a little bit of time to gather this information, it is not leaving someone else to try to interpret what was being said and then do the work.
Taking a little extra time to check spelling and grammar can make a difference in if the reader will be able to understand what they are reading.

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