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23 May 2008

???Clothes make the man/woman???

People judge what people wear on a daily basics. They judge everything off what television, newspapers, books, magazines, and people??™s advice about clothing styles and what people should wear to be in social style look.

When you meet people that you have never seen before it??™s always the first impressions that makes people like at you or turn their heads. Socialite try to make people follow their way of fashion, ie. Fashion shows that are held all over the world, fashion ads posted on billboards, cabs, and side of buildings, fashion TV shows on all cable and satellite stations. Every time someone tries to do something different, they are looked down on pond.

Are clothing an indication of personal worth, in the ancient times the King would have his counsel and the Queen??™s Counsel dress very bright and colorful clothing different from regular joe people. And then you have different royal counsels dressing in different bright and colorful clothing to put them in a different form of life from their counter-parts in the world and


social circle. The clothing would vary from bright yellow in color to bright blue and even bright pink or dark in colors like red for out garments or black. Something to different from regular joe people and their counter-parts in the world. Also they use it a sign of personal power and sign that they have wealth.

You are looking for a job, so you have to wear a press, clean in style suit, plain light colored long sleeve shirt, plain colored tie and shine shoes that you can see the world on. Or as a woman you have to wear a clean in style dress one piece or two piece with a style blouse to go with the dress bottom, and dress or high heels shoes that matches the outfit. Or wear dark pressed clean colored slacks, with a styled blouse free flowing, and high heels that matches or fits to go with outfit. When going out to a formal or to a club to just spend time out, you have to get all dressed up to just have people talk and pay attention to you or just even talking to you.

People as socially whole judge and pass down judge how people wear and clothed themselves to make people and others pay attention to them. Clothing is a tool for individuals to show off what they may or may not have for wealth and power. People as a whole have no changed from the ancient times and will not do so. It will always be the first impressions that will make or break people in the world. So, if you want to be hip, and wanting to think of you as a powerful and wealthy person, you may want to get with times and dress and look with style of the year.

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