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Education & Creativity

Ken Robison??™s witty sense of humor and innovative ideas in reference to education is very enlightening. His views in regards to children losing their creativity throughout the educational process of what is considered the conventional way of schooling, in my opinion, is correct.
Ken states: ???creativity is as important as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.??? I feel his views are correct based on personal experience. Another factor that seemed to stand out with me is the issue of dance being placed in a low ranking within the educational system.

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The reason I agree with Ken Robinson??™s beliefs is because I have experienced an abundance of rejection because I was more drawn towards the arts, rather then academic activity. My father praised his book savvy child and rejected my creativity. This is one reason I??™m trying to play catch up at thirty years of age. I was always into performing arts and dance and all I ever received for my talents were discouragements. I have often felt I should have already been a millionaire because of my creativity but my father never invested the proper training to enhance my abilities. I would have gone a lot further in my thirty years of living, if I would have had more support in my childhood years. The only thing I learned growing up is that my abilities were not good enough and this lowered my self esteem issues causing me to feel useless, unappreciative and worthless. This is still one of the issues I??™m silently struggling with.
Actually this is one of the reasons I have included dance into my study topics this semester. I like dance and I never had the option to really study dance. I forgot what I enjoyed doing as a child because no one ever praised my talents or cheered me on. While I have the verbal capability, and writing skills to write essays, I live through my senses and I love to move and think at the same time.

To bad the epiphany has happened later rather then sooner. Sometimes I feel so robbed and cheated out of time but I guess everything all happens for a reason. I??™m still reaching to do great things. All I can do is continue to move forward and not worry so much about yesterday because I still have this very moment to make things happen.
Not all of us learn to critically think in school because schools mainly emphasize conformism. This is the reason I was later homeschooled and graduated high school at fifteen. If I was encouraged of my talents at a much younger age, it wouldn??™t have taken me from 16 to 25 to find myself. I was always an artist, to bad no one ever cared. It seems artist create things that don??™t really matter. At one point I was enthralled in poetry and now I write it quietly behind closed doors afraid of the rejection people may feel about my work. I used to write and draw all the time, and now I??™m only beginning to pick up where I started years ago. Some where in life, I feel asleep and forgot my talents because they were never appreciated. I realize forgetting my creativity is the saddest way to be.
Concluding, I found the topic of education and creativity to be a very insightful experience. Robinson??™s concepts were on target. He viewed the subject from a universal standpoint. His views on education being ranked based on a universal hierarchal scale are alarming and he used good examples to validate his perspective.

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