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C&G Preparing to teach in the long life sector Level 4
Theory Assignment 2
Summarise the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practices relevant to your subject and the type of organisation within which you work.
Legislative requirements are those that are set down in law, to make sure that every student gets the best possible education.
Codes of practise should be viewed as the minimum requirements of conduct and behaviour. I do not feel that there is a code of practise or piece legislation that??™s specific to Mandarin Chinese, but is covered by what is required of the teacher.
All Universities, Colleges and Schools set out their own code of practise, as do teaching association etc. Here is an example of a code of practise set out by Brockenhurst College, whom I work for,
Equal Opportunities Code of Practice
At Brockenhurst College we believe in treating people equally and with respect. This means treating people as individuals.
All members of the College community are asked to actively support our Equal Opportunities Policy.
???Equality includes:
??? Giving opportunities to all
??? Providing access to education, training, services and facilities
??? Taking positive action to address imbalances or under-representation
???Respect includes:
??? Celebrating differences and promoting diversity
??? Refraining from using language or behaviour that might cause offence
??? Valuing each individual and their unique circumstances
???Individuality includes:
??? Accepting that each person has their own set of personal circumstances, backgrounds and cultures
??? Ensuring that individuals do not experience discrimination or harassment as a result of these.
I feel a code of practice like this is for the benefit of all. I also feel as a teacher that there is a code of conduct that most teachers adhere, to that is passed on from teacher to teacher that I had not seen recorded anywhere. So I was very interested to read Geoff Petty??™s thoughts under the heading ???An unwritten professional code for teachers is??™ and I have to agree with him on all the points he has made there. With regards to legislation here in the UK I find I have much to learn as a teacher from China Here is just a small example of the topics covered by legislation with regards to teaching.
The Independent Safeguarding Authority The equalities law. Information sharing policy. Changes to 16 to 19 education. Transport for pupils with SEN. Your legal responsibilities to international students. Exclusion and reintegration. School trips risk assessment. Exclusion, how to write the decision letter.
I feel some of the things covered are adopted in to a College??™s or School??™s ???Code of Practice??™ which makes it easier to digest. The ones I have highlighted are the ones that have an immediate bearing on my teaching role at Brockenhurst College
With regards to what I am required to teach for Mandarin Chinese these guide lines are set down by Edexcel, AQA. These bodies set how many characters need to be learnt, for reading, writing, speaking and listening, to gain pass marks. For extra guidance on Mandarin Chinese I can look to the British Council who work with Han Ban from China to set standards required, also there is SSATs and CILTs both play a role on setting standards for Mandarin Chinese at GCSE and A levels.

I have reviewed some of the codes of practice and legislation covering my role as a teacher.

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Teaching Today by Geoff Petty page 428

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