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David Shipler??™s essay ???At the Edge of Poverty??? describes the poverty in America and that??™s what caught my attention. It is explaining the nightmare happening right now. Nightmares like getting low-pay and getting dead-end jobs. There are so many similarities between his essay and present reality of the issues with health care and education. Through a combination of hard facts and moving accounts of hardships last by individuals it fills in the gaps and denounces the many myths of the politically drawn stereotypes of workers who live in poverty in America. The author??™s call to action powerfully argues that we must simultaneously address the full range of interrelated problems that confront the poor instead of tackling one issue at a time. It is a compelling essay that will shift the terms and strengthen the debate about social justice in America. As being read it creates an image of the life of poverty. This argued essay states most all of the issues with workers. The style it??™s written in tries to show as if the author had experienced the life of poverty. The research is very thorough and the author also extends his thoughts as to where the issues are coming from. For example the author mentions the former president Bush and the decisions he has made to cause more issues. The author is trying to show the poor population of America but, ignores the other population of poor people in other countries which are in a worse situation. One of these countries is India which has a larger population of poverty then average people. As I went on reading it reminded me of being in India. India is one of the many countries who have a large population of poverty. While walking the streets of India there are many children who don??™t have any clothes to wear and are working as cleaners. The youngest child I have ever seen work is probably twelve years old. There are not much problems in America with health care and education. America has had brilliant ideas for children who have a future in college such as scholarships??™ and there are people and companies that can help with health care. Now that the economy is going down and most of the Americans are losing their well paid jobs, they have to start thinking about the future and are working where they thought they never would.
When I went to India it was very shocking for me to see how most of the population was living. The streets had more people than in a movie theater. Children are begging on the roads as the traffic light turns red and were being pushed down by the self-centered rich society. Even the animals have to live in poor conditions for example the cows are supposed to be honored as they are the shadows of God. But some people are so selfish that once the cows can??™t help them anymore they let them rot on the streets. Here dogs are a man??™s best friend and are taken care of like their own children. Seeing this I have one or more times wished that I was an adopted dog. In India the dogs have nowhere to go and become wild. They get hit by cars but are never taken to the hospital. The worst is when there are animals who are hurt but no one is willing to help. Children who are not even teens yet have to babysit their younger siblings. ??? Indeed, being poor in a rich country may be more difficult to endure than being poor in a poor country, for the skills of surviving in poverty have largely been lost in America??? (Shipler 253). I strongly disagree with this statement because in America there are shelter homes and a lot of other materials that can help the poor. But in countries in Asia poor people are not even given attention. The second half of this quote is very true because not that many people are poor so they don??™t know how to survive very well. They are only used to do jobs like cleaning the road or washing the bathrooms. They sleep on the sidewalks and they don??™t even have enough clothes or blankets for winter. Most of the poor population in India dies during monsoon. They don??™t have medicine when they are sick, don??™t have umbrellas and they drown because they don??™t have any place they can go when the water level is high. Even though India has finally decided to take some action for example getting the animals off of the streets, the conditions are still worse than here. Most of the population on poverty in any other country would rather live in poverty in a country like America because they know they will at least get some attention.
A major part of the population of America has never been to a poor country. I really don??™t think it is necessary for people to see how others in this world are living but a group of people really are concerned about them. Even the author of the essay is concerned about the homeless and poor but there is not much one person can do for them, which is why I feel like the writer wrote this essay. What makes me feel angry is that most people just assume that what they see is the worst. When poverty is seen in America they think that poverty can??™t be worse than what their looking at, but they don??™t know about the larger population of poor in other countries that would do anything to be in poverty here. I remember seeing the anger in the poor people??™s eyes when they looked at me. They can easily guess who is from a foreign country and do anything to freak them out. When most of the Indian population located here go to India they act like they are still in America and that is what makes the poor madder. It??™s not only the poor people but even the average people that probably have a great steady job would do anything to be in this country even if they have to wash dishes here. I am still an American Citizen and my parents are also worried about the economy. I believe that is also what the writer is worried about especially about the population that has lost their jobs and there is also the population that is facing early retirement. Workers are losing their jobs that they have probably been doing for more than a decade. The elder populations are losing their jobs to younger workers and then wait for the health care money. Now that it is being said that people will have to wait at years for their health care money to start coming.
David Shipler has written his essay with a strong believe that at least some on the American citizens will notice the people who are trying very hard to survive. After writing my essay it feels as if I don??™t agree with him at all, but I believe with the overall argument of this essay. If I had not been to a country in a worse situation I would have probably loved Shipler??™s writing. Mostly all of the other countries relay on America success. It has been noticed that when America??™s economy was going down so was other countries economy. In India the reputation of America is very high but not the citizens of America. I had once been told that I have no Indian heritage left in me because I am nothing like them. They think that most of the Indians would rather live in a great country such as America than their own country. Since my birth was here I have been an American citizen all my life and I am very proud of it. What the citizen of India hate the most than Indians in America is Indians born in America. I still carry my heritage with me and I never act American in front of my parents because I don??™t want them feeling responsible for not teaching me anything about my heritage. Most of the Indians here thought that they would make enough money to last them a lifetime in India but once they got use to being in America no one wants to go back. They would rather be in the average class here than be in the high class in India. We are all amazed by how far America is than mostly all of the other countries in the world. America has helped its citizens as much as it could. Like Health care, scholarships??™ and for the poor and homeless they came up with shelters. Every country wants to become like America. Even India wants to help their citizens but they have a lot of work on their hands.
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