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Personality demonstration can be felt even at the womb. They say a girl child doesnt move often as a boy, she doesnt kick as hard as well. A mother can tell the difference in her childrens personality even while they are inside her womb.

This is what we called basic instinct. You are you not by how the world perceives you. You are you because you are who you are since your conception. You react according to your most basic instinct.

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Nobody needs to teach you how you handle whatever comes your way.

As you grow old, your consciousness gets to understand the way of the world. At the beginning, we see the world of our parents. As selfish as you can be as a child, your world is your parents. You mimic what they do, you do what you think will make them see you, understand you.

You are reaching out. But parents are busy people. They are busy worrying how to take care of you that they often forget to really take care of you. Parents usually leave you on your own defenses. That is why you need to protect yourself from being hurt and being disappointed. You need to survive your world.

You could shout and be angry and cry and tell the world (your parents) how you feel. This way, you already show your extrovert tendencies. Or if you dont want so much hassle, even at a very young age, you kept quite and played with your toys. You talk to yourself and tried not to be bothered from not seeing your parents. This is your introvert tendencies.

Nobody taught you these things. This is just how you react by being left behind.

Your reaction to things and events surrounding you makes you who you are. If you are an introvert, you react to stress by being quiet. You react to hurt by being alone. You dislike social functions not out from rudeness but because you react quite strongly to noise. You want the comfort of your own self, the way you are used to.

Is being an Introvert bad

In a world that is full of extroverts, people who love their own voice, sometimes we need something to neutralize it. A storm needs to calm down. The activity of day needs to have the rest of night.

The world needs someone like you.

Focus is your strength. It is a very important factor in creating something. The man, or a woman, behind an extrovert??™s success is the introvert who is focused. You see far beyond than what is now. You can think deep. You can plan things. You just need someone to make it happen.

Depression is your weakness. You let yourself too much alone. Nobody is an island. Somebody always needs someone.

You have to take a break.

Everything in excess is bad. Extrovert personality needs to be humbled as sometimes they boast too much. It is something an extrovert would do for self preservation. Introvert on the other hand doesnt boast at all.

You need to express your own worth.

So are you an introvert Rejoice and share your being who you are.

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